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It is a matter of great pleasure and pride for us that Bantva Memon Jamat has played outstanding and distinguished role in social welfare of Memon community in past without any discrimination and has yet to do much more in the years to come. With the passage of time we shall have challenges to meet and we should prepare ourselves for the coming years with renewed confidence to achieve significant milestones during the year 2011. 

Bantva Memon Jamat firmly stands to fulfill its responsibilities to solve problems towards health, education, rehabilitation, marriage, monthly cash support to the downtrodden, unfortunate and deserving families of our community through continued enormous efforts and time. At this occasion I shall recall all members of Memon community to come forward and contribute Zakat and Donation to their Jamat immensely, which is the main source of Fund. I hope that young generation will infuse new energy and play their vital parts to further strengthen Bantva Memon Jamat. 

On this auspicious juncture I pray to Almighty Allah to shower His unlimited blessings upon us during the year ahead. We shall, Inshallah, share happiness and tear together.



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