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Bantva Jamat
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  1. To educate every needy or deserving student of the community.

  2. To rehabilitate needy persons of the community. 

  3. To settle family dispute. 

  1. To help needy for marriage. 

  1. To arrange scholarships for primary & higher education.

  1. To arrange jobs for unskilled, semi skilled and skilled members of community according to their capabilities.

  2. To explore and encourage in befitting manner target achiever members of community.

  3. To discourage evil social customs in marriage and other relevant activities taken a monstrous shape.

  4. To utilize zakat and donation funds judiciously and in transparent manner.

  10.   In a nutshell committed to change destiny of bantvaites,   hence solicit suggestions from intelligentsia of community particularly from those settled abroad.



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