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Bantva Jamat
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Bantva Memon Jamat” is among the first which was established in 1950 when others had no thought to institute such an organization. This has now become the largest one amidst all other organizations existing in Memon community and we proud of this great achievement. The responsibilities have also increased considerably towards extension of welfare work to members especially to downtrodden persons of Memon Jamat.

Infulfilment of what was promised by me during the last election campaign to run the affairs of Jamat as per modern expectations, we have opted few young persons as members of Managing Committee to work in collaboration with old and experienced hands.

As a next step to materialize my commitment and to establish a new record, a Website of ‘Bantva Memon Jamat’ namely “” has been launched.
I request all members of Jamat to visit the website for up-date knowledge of working of the Jamat. I also invite members to give their views and opinions for our guidance and for the Improvement of “Bantva Memon Jamat”.

In the end I appeal to all members particularly to affluent persons of Memon Jamat to come forward and donate generously Donation / Zakat to meet the expenses of marriage, monthly assistance to poor families, education, rehabilitation, and supports to needy families of the community. It may be noted that due to economical crisis and in crucial situation we have increased 40% in Education and 33% for the monthly support towards the needy.



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