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Bantva Jamat
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>> Introduction To Bantva Memon Jamat Community

Bantva is a town of Junagadh in State if India. It is situated 10 Miles from the Arabian Sea. The three Nearest Sea Port are Navibandar, Porbandar and Veraval.

Bantva name is made from Bati Bai & VAV. These names are from Kutchi.

The People from Kutch and Sindh in serach of food & business migrate to Bantva and started their related job with full enthusiasm.

At the time of partition of subcontinent due to riot between Muslim and Hindus most of the Memon Community migrate from Bantva to Pakistan.

Large portion of community stayed in Karachi. On 21st May 1950 it was principally decided to established Bantva Memon Jamat was approved and in enforced from 22nd June 1950.


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